Wheel Alignment - VW Syncro

Wheel Alignment - VW Syncro

Syncro-T3-Wheel-AlignmentWhy aligning your Volkswagen Syncro wheels is important

Wheel alignment is critical for the 4WD Volkswagen Syncro and should be regularly checked. 


Your local tyre shop is unlikely to know the correct alignment specifications for the Syncro T3, and he or she might even tell you it is just the same as the 2WD T3 - it is NOT!!



Here is is the documentation for VAG Volkswagen Workshop Manual 44.5.
























Also, an EXCELLENT article with thorough pictures for checking alignment at home from Chris at T3 Technique


Volkswagen T3 Syncro Wheel AlignmentVolkswagen T3 Syncro Wheel Alignment




T3 Technique has much information for anything to do with VW Syncro Wheels and Tyres - plenty of resources for upgrading wheels - converting wheels and so on.


T3 Technique - All matters VW Syncro T3 Wheels