VW Campervan in Australia Hire and Rental

VW T3 Camper Van for HireRent or Hire a VW Campervan in Australia or around the world

Travelling throughout Australia or a country or continent via a Campervan makes for much adventure, particularly in a VW Campervan such as a Westfalia, and particularly a VW T3 Syncro Westfalia.

We've found some firms that will firstly rent you a VW Campervan, and secondly some of the companies even have VW T3, including Westfalias - see if you can even spot a Syncro?!


Okanagan Westfalia Rentals - Hires VW T3 Westfalias for Western Canada - http://www.okanaganwestfaliarentals.com/


United Kingdom / Great Britain


Campervantastic - All new T5 Campervans, including the California from Volkswagen - http://www.campervantastic.com

Snail Trail - New VW T2 Bay Window Campers - 1970s experience on 2006 / 2007 built Campers - http://www.snailtrail.co.uk/vw_campervans.htm

CamperVanSales - Purchase rather than rent (choice of LHD and rHD- mostly T4 Westfalia (Eurovans as many Americans call them) style Campers - http://www.vwcampersales.com/

VW Weekender - VW Weekender specialises in Hire and rental of VW Campervans, but looks like mostly T2. http://www.vweekender.co.uk/ 

VdubCampers - mostly sales, and the UK agents for Klieft & Klok, however, they do say the handle VW Camper Hire as well - http://www.vdubcampers.co.uk/

Jelly Bean Buses - All T2 Buses for hire in South West England - http://www.jellybeanbuses.com/



Tour Europe - Yes! VW T3 Westfalia Campervans for hire right in the heart of Europe, in fact at Koblenz in Germany - very close to a number of International Airports. http://www.tour-europe.de/



VW Sunflower Campers - Westfalias, but just VW T2 Bay Window Campers - still lots of fun and will get you pretty much anywhere in Europe with their excellent roads. http://www.sunflowercampers.com/



Go Kombi - a good selection of T2 VW Kombi Campervans for hire in Western Australia - what a great way to explore the West - http://www.gokombi.com/Campers.htm

VeeDub Experience - Sydney based selection of T2 Campers - http://www.veedubexperience.com.au/

righteous Kombis - only 2 x T2 Kombis, based in Sydney, but it's a start! http://www.righteouskombis.com.au/


New Zealand

Classic Campers - Great selection including 3, yes 3, T3 Campers including a T3 Devon, a T3 Fixed High Top and the T3 Westfalia fitted with a 5-cylinder Audi engine - now that's cruisin! http://www.classic-campers.com/vans.php 

Kiwi Kombis - where else can you find such a nice choice of T1 VW Campers for Hire in the Southern Hemisphere? or anywhere else for that matter... No T3s or Syncros, however, NZ never had any T3 Kombis officially so we'll excuse them - http://www.kiwikombis.com/