M Codes for VW T3

VW T3 M Codes

Each and every VW T3 Transporter left the factory with one or more optional 'M Codes'.

Model Designations

245 = Single cab pick up; LHD
246 = Single cab pick up; RHD
247 = Double cab pick up; LHD
248 = Double cab pickup; RHD
251 = Panel van; LHD
252 = Panel van; RHD
253 = Kombi, Ambulance, Multivan; LHD
254 = Kombi, Ambulance, Multivan; RHD
255 = Caravelle, Vanagon, Westfalia etc; LHD
256 = Caravelle, Vanagon, Westfalia etc; RHD

  M Codes for VW T3 Transporters, Dual Cabs and Single Cabs

M 001 Manually selectable 4wd  
M 003 1,9 liter carburetted engine DF, 44kw/60hp  
M 012  Exhaust control system (before 1985)  
M 013 Double passenger seat  
M 014 Gravel guard for pulley belt  
M 015 Foldable middle seat, 3-seated  
M 016 Foldable rear seat, 3-seated  
M 017 Middle seat, 2-seated  
M 018 Padded steering wheel  
M 020 Speedometer in miles per hour  
M 025 Instruments with trip counter and clock  
M 026 Active gas fume coal filter  
M 028 Without stretcher (Ambulance)  
M 032 Lockable gas cap  
M 034 High beam indicator, blue - VIN 24B079862 -> Italy
M 050 Warning light for low brake fluid and hand brake  
M 051 Mounting- and connection parts for a 2nd alternator 
prepared to receive an AC compressor
M 053 Seat covers, colored tweed stripes  
M 053 Seat covers "Feincord" alt. from 1987  
M 054 Lockable glove compartment, LHD  
M 055 AC compressor, gasoline engines  
M 055 Modified mounting for AC compressor for TD engines  
M 058 Bumpers and spoiler as Carat  
M 060 Aux. heater Eberspächer DA6 or BA6  
M 061 Speedometer in miles per hour, temperature in F, city lights Great Britain
M 062 Right hand mirror, convex and safety belts front and rear  
M 064 Without bed gates 245-248
M 066 Rubber floor mats in cargo-/passenger room  
M 067 54 Ah battery  
M 068 2nd tow hook, rear  
M 070 Tonneau cover 245-248
M 071 Second lid in side panel  
M 073 Roof with cut-out for camper  
M 074 rear mud flaps (standard on Syncro in Austria)  
M 081 "Jail bar" wall behind drivers seat  
M 089 Windshield in tempered glass  
M 092 Mountain gear ratio (2wd only)  
M 093 Sliding window opposite side of sliding door  
M 094 Lockable rear lid 245-248
M 099 Tires M+S steelbelt 185R14C  
M 099 Tires Fulda Kristall steelbelt 185R14C  

M 102 Heated rear window (Can not be combined with M 127)  
M 103 HD shock absorbers (2wd only)  
M 106 Fabric seat covers instead of vinyl  
M 113 Canada version 253, 255
M 115 1,7 liter diesel KY, 42kw/58hp  
M 121 Heater and ventilation with blower 245-256
M 121 Electric roof ventilation  
M 122 1,6 liter diesel ??, 37kw/50hp, VIN 24B079862 ->  
M 123 2,1 liter Digijetronic MV, 70kw/95hp  
M 124 Yellow head lights France
M 127 Rear hatch without window  
M 130 Ambulance  
M 135 Ambulance 253,254
M 136 Ambulance with fittings  
M 137 Prepared for camper  
M 140  Fire fighter vehicle  
M 141 Roof air filter snorkel  
M 142 Roof air filter snorkel, left and right  
M 143 Ambulance with fittings and extra equipment, according to DIN 75080  
M 145 Safety locks for sliding door and rear hatch  
M 146 Driver and passenger seats with foldable and adjustable armrests  
M 149 Painted instead of chromed parts  
M 150 Ambulance with extra equipment, according to DIN 75080  
M 151 Compliance to exhaust emission standards 253,255 USA
M 153 Cyclone air filter and carburetor without preheater for 1,6 air-cooled  
M 153 Manifold with cyclone filter for diesel  
M 156 Cyclone air filter for dusty conditions, for diesel engine JX  
M 157 2,0 liter Jetronic engine, from VIN A300000 Sweden
M 157 1,9 liter Digijetronic, 60kw/82hp, VIN 24D052580  
M 158 Tropic radiator with more powerful fan  
M 159 Padlock eye on sliding door  
M 160 Blue "Police/Fire" revolving light with sirens  
M 162 Rubber strips on bumpers  
M 165 Lockable inspection lid  
M 168 True gearing for trip counter  
M 171 Tires, steelbelt 185R14C  
M 173 Tires 205/70R14  
M 176 Sliding tracks in cargo room 247, 253
M 177 Foldable rear seat and and additional seats in cargo room, 12-seater  
M 178 Sliding tracks in cargo room 247, 253
M 179 Automatic 3-point seat belts in passenger compartment, -> VIN 24A300000  
M 181 Chromed instead of painted parts (chromed hubcaps)  
M 183 Hip belts in passenger compartment 247-256
M 184 Automatic 3-point seat belts, front  
M 186 Automatic 3-point seat belts in all outer seats in passenger compartment  
M 187 Headlights for RHD  
M 188 Tropic version for warmer countries, with bigger radiator or more powerful fan for diesel  
M 189 Additional 2nd alternator  
M 193 Compliance to exhaust emission and electrical standards Japan
M 194 Convex outside mirror  
M 198 Red "Police/Fire" revolving light  
M 201 Wider bed, made of wood 245,246
M 206 Anti glare interior rear view mirror  
M 207 Final drive ratio 34:7 Syncro  
M 208 Trailer hitch, ball type (removable on Syncro), and electrical parts for trailer  
M 210 Front differential lock Syncro
M 217 Tonneau cover, cabin height 245-248
M 219 Ventilation ducts for rear side windows, standard from 1988  
M 220 Rear differential lock Syncro
M 221 Ventilation windows in front doors  
M 222 1,6 liter diesel CS, 37kw/50hp  
M 226 Stop cable for rear pickup gate 245-248
M 227 Headrests for front seats  
M 229 Headrests for rear seats  
M 231 Rear seats folding into bed (not with M 685)  
M 238 Daytime running lights Sweden
M 240 1,6 liter carburetted engine, 37kw/50hp for low octane gasoline  
M 249 3 speed automatic transmission  
M 251 1,9 liter carburetted engine DG, 57kw/78hp  
M 251 2,0 liter carburetted engine -> VIN 24D200000; 24F000001 = S 799; -> 24D 040000; 1,9 liter 57kw/78hp 24D000001->  
M 254 Removable curtains in passenger compartment  
M 262 Luggage compartment cover  
M 263 Load capacity 1,2 tons  
M 277 Modified exhaust muffler Switzerland
M 288 Headlight washers  
M 298 Vehicle use with lead free gasoline 251,253,255
M 299 Syncro 4wd  
M 302 Without VW emblem, rear  
M 308 Varying opening angle of rear hatch 251-256
M 314 Special version "type2 Syncro Tristar", with Carat bumper front, bumper cover plates for front doors, hubcaps, fender flares, rubber strip on rear bumper, spare wheel holder, cab doors with sliding windows left and right, dual square head lights, 2nd heater, map pockets in front doors, padding strip on dashboard, light gray interior Basis 247 A..
M 325 Load capacity 1,2 tons front  
M 335 1,6 liter carburetted engine, 37kw/50hp Austria, Nigeria
M 336 Rear skidplate  
M 340 Heated front seats  
M 341 Power door locks  
M 343 Spare wheel under front end Syncro
M 345 Convex outer mirror  
M 346 Hydraulic pump on diesel and turbo-diesel  
M 347 Auxilliary drive shaft for additional equipment Finland
M 348 Steel wheels 6x14 et30  
M 349 Prepared for installation of hydraulic pump ZF  
M 352 Cruise control  
M 355 1,6 liter turbo-diesel JX, 51kw/70hp  
M 358 Final drive ratio 38:7 Syncro  
M 364 Window in sliding door and opposite side 251,252
M 366 Dividing wall between driver's and passenger compartment  
M 370 Yellow "Police/Fire" revolving light  
M 380 Dividing wall, highroof  
M 384 Rear axle load capacity 1,4 tons  
M 386 Carpets in drivers compartment  
M 390 Tie down hooks on cargo room  
M 398 Electrical mirrors  
M 401 Alloy wheels 6x14 et30  
M 402 Luxury edition Multivan  
M 407 Jump seats in passenger compartment  
M 425 Rear window wiper with washer  
M 430 Windshield green, laminated  
M 432 ABS brakes (not with M 558, M 693, M 625)  
M 433 Prepared for radio with 4 stereo speakers, must be combined with M 462  
M 440 2 stereo speakers  
M 456 Lowered suspension, 30 mm  
M 462 Antenna  
M 467 Convex power mirrors  
M 469 Equipped for bad road conditions  
M 475 Spare tire carrier, swing out type  
M 478 Spare wheel under front end (with 205R14C, gear ratio index 5)  
M 488 Swivel seats in passenger compartment  
M 496 For vehicles with stretcher, foldable stretcher without padding (steel)  
M 500 Dividing wall, low between drivers and cargo room  
M 502 Improved side panels in cargo room  
M 502 Side panels made of hardboard, cargo floor covers made of rubber 251-254
M 504 Fresh air ducts in cargo room 251-254
M 505 Hot air ducts in cargo room 251-254
M 506 Power brakes with dual circuit control light  
M 508 Sliding windows in sliding door and opposite side  
M 510 Dividing wall left and right between drivers and cargo room 247-254
M 511 Padded dashboard with map light (as Carat)  
M 511 Padding strip on dashboard  
M 513 Fiberglass highroof (Dehler) 253-254
M 514 Fiberglass highroof (Dehler) with cut-out for tall sliding door 253-254
M 515 Highroof with cut-out for tall sliding door  
M 516 Highroof for normal sliding door  
M 519 Without windows in passenger compartment  
M 520 Sliding doors left and right  
M 521 Luxury edition Carat  
M 522 Mesh dividing wall between drivers and cargo room 251-256
M 526 Luxury edition Caravelle  
M 528 Passenger side mirror convex  
M 529 Dividing wall, full height with sliding window (must be combined with M500) 253-256
M 530 Automatic sidestep  
M 534 Sliding door lock with child safety  
M 535 Printing trip recorder  
M 537 Cargo room light  
M 539 Compact floor in cargo room  
M 541 5-speed transmission (2wd only)  
M 542 Specially equipped for German Army 247,253
M 544 Dividing wall, full height with fixed window  
M 545 Vinyl headliner  
M 546 Roof mounted rear turn signals 251-256
M 550 Sliding window with mosquito net in sliding door 251-256
M 551 H4 headlights  
M 552 2nd heat exchanger, rear. Standard on turbo-diesel  
M 553 Sealed beam headlights; turn signals with side lights; buzzer for ignition starter switch; side marker lights and reflectors; dual circuit brake warning light; without headlight flasher and parking lights ("city lights") USA
M 556 2,1 liter Digijetronic engine DJ, 82kw/112hp  
M 558 Prepared for 2nd 63 (64) Ah battery, with relay  
M 560 Mechanical sunroof (can not be combined with M 573, must be combined with M 545)  
M 561 Ventilation windows in front doors  
M 568 Green tinted windows  
M 569 Air filter for dusty  condition, for dual carburetted engines  
M 571 2 integrated rear fog lights  
M 572 2 tone horn  
M 573 Roof mounted air-conditioning system  
M 580  Jump seats in passenger compartment  
M 586 Glass sunroof in passenger compartment  
M588 Glass sunroof in drivers cabin  
M 594 Larger front brake caliper  
M 595 Printing trip recorder  
M 603 63 (64) Ah battery  
M 608 Australian equipment for cars with watercooled engine, RHD Australia
M 609 VW Camper  
M 616 Integrated backup lights  
M 617 Alternator, 45 A  
M 619 Alternator, 65 A  
M 621 Alternator, 90 A  
M 622 Cigar lighter with socket, 12v  
M 623 Shielded electrical system  
M 625 16" version Syncro  
M 626 Hydraulic clutch  
M 628 Folding table in passenger compartment, for Police and Fire dept.  
M 632 Extended shielding of the electrical system  
M 640 PVC coated undercarriage  
M 642 Antifreeze -35C for cold countries  
M 643 Map pocket in drivers door  
M 645 Prepared for camper (Dehler Profi)  
M 649 3-point safetybelt for jumpseat in ambulance  
M 651 Power windows in drivers doors  
M 652 Intermittent windshield wipers  
M 657 Power steering  
M 659 Fog lights  
M 674 1,9 liter Digijetronic engine GW, 66kw/90hp  
M 675 Rpm-counter with digital clock  
M 682 Tires ...  
M 685 Foldable middle seat, in passenger compartment  
M 690 Swivel passenger seat (front) (can not be combined with M 340)  
M 691 Aux. heater air-cooled  
M 693 Swivable drivers seat (can not be combined with M 340 or M 432)  
M 697 Tires Continental RS 771  
M 726 Interior side panels, plain for Caravelle C  
M 739 Without right-hand stretcher (ambulance)  
M 904 Without transistorized ignition and digital idle stabilizer Nigeria
M 920 Dividing wall without window opening  
M 921 Press-type km counter Sweden
M 939 Carpets for the complete vehicle  
M 945 Seat covers, Cord  
M 949 Tires Goodyear G800 +s  
M 950 Plastic hub caps  
M 954 Tires Michelin XTX 185R14C 8pr  
M 956 Widened double passenger seat  Norway
M 958 Emergency stretcher for ambulance  
M 959 Load plate for ambulance BINZ  
M 961 Reflex stripes for ambulance  
M 962 Electrical sockets in- and outside with thermofuse for 220v, ambulance  
M 964 Engine with deep dish pistons, cyclone air filter and regular ignition Nigeria
M 966 High roof in body color  
M 975 Aux. heater water-cooled, type Webasto  
M 976 Printing trip recorder  
M 982 1,9 liter carburetted engine, 54kw/73hp 245-256
M 984 Square headlights H4/H3  
M 987 Sliding window with mosquito net, opposite of sliding door or in sliding door  
M 990 Velour seat covers  
M 991 Tires 205R14C M+S (only with gear ratio index 5)  
M 998 Power mirrors, drivers side plane, passengers side convex  
M 999 Passenger side makeup mirror, with light  
R 01 Radio Alpha mono  
R 11 Radio Beta mono  
R 22 Radio Gamma stereo, with cassette player  
S 700 Tires ...  
S 701 Australian equipment for cars with watercooled engine, RHD Australia
S 704 Type 2 Great Britain  
S 725 800 kg instead of 725 kg  
S 735 Special version "Bluestar" with color coded mirrors, black sliding window frames, cup holders, rear seat converts into bed, foldable table, interior color 39 platinum, base model Caravelle GL, VIN 24K090001 ->K095469  
S 741 Special version "Multivan Magnum" with Carat bumpers, front spoiler, hubcaps, interior color light gray, rear seat converts into bed, base model Multivan 253 S..  
S 746 Caravelle C Coach  
S 764 Rebuild kit for California equipment for European use  
S 768 Ambulance light, front, with Maltese cross  
S 773 Special version Caravelle (up to 1983)  
S 775 Bumpers and side panels cloud gray, as Carat  
S 779 Vanagon GL Promo  
S 789 Shift point light for diesel versions  
S 790 Catalytic converter with O2 sensor as enclosement  
S 799 1,6 instead of 2,,0 engine, VIN 24D000001 -> D051580  
W 75 Bumpers and side panels cloud gray as Carat; square headlights  
Z 01 Bad weather package: Front and rear fog lights, intermittent windshield wipers  
Z 02 Equipment package: rpm-counter, digital clock, trip counter, rubber strips on bumpers, ventilation windows in front doors  
Z 04 GL package